Company Profile

Established in 1991, we have been diligently catering to our esteemed clientele to the increasing demands of packaging product fabrication and distribution. Our unwavering commitment to customer contentment has spanned three decades, wherein we have meticulously tailored over 80% of our packaging products to align impeccably with their industrial and business needs. Pioneering as the sole purveyor of PVC shrink Soft Film in Malaysia, a pioneering feat that emanates from our dedication. Casting back to 1994, our foray into the production of PVC hard film stemmed from the growing requisites for bundling commodities in promotional initiatives.

In 2010, notable leap into the investment of Adhesive and Sealant manufacturing and distribution, catering explicitly to serve the home interiors and construction industries. The year 2011 saw the establishment of our Research and Development as well as the formation of an established technical team with specialized skills, a proactive move aimed at conceiving tailor-made solutions for our growing customer base. At the helm of these initiatives, a skilled Sales and Technical Cohort stands ready to serve.

The year 2015 marked a significant turning point, as we embarked on the distribution of POF, an environmentally friendly shrink film. This versatile film finds compatibility with both manual and automated production process. The years 2017 and 2018 ushered in an extended array of offerings, encompassing printing services that pertain to an assortment of shrink film materials, such as PETG and PVC. This expansion not only complements our existing portfolio but also mirrors our commitment to embracing industrial solutions.

In the year of 2020, we expanded our offerings by introducing HDPE and LDPE films, serving both non-shrink and shrink products, encompassing an array of shrink film materials meticulously curated to cater to a myriad of industrial applications. Fast forward to the year 2022, our horizons widened even further by adding PP, BOPP, and Flexible Laminating products.

Emerging as a plastic packaging comprehensive hub, we stand tall as a singular destination for the procurement of bespoke packaging solutions meticulously tailored to align with the distinctive needs and requisites of our discerning clientele, to bring a ONE STOP PACKAGING HUB to offer diverse marketing choices.

We thank all our customers for their continuous support over the past 30 years. 

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